ModAir leased first Aircraft to FTO through GIFT CITY

Daily Pioneer
Thursday, 21 July 2022

ModAir on Friday announced that they have leased an Italian trainer twin engine Aircraft (Tecnam) which will be helpful for the aspiring pilots of India. This is the first time a trainer aircraft is leased in India to an FTO. The aircraft was brought from Jalgaon and towed into the Air India MRO at MIHAN SEZ after landing at Nagpur’s Dr. BabasahebAmbedkar International Airport. Parking and warehouse services were provided by Air India MRO.

On this occasion, Atul Jain, the Managing Director of Mod Air, said that the Company plans to bring 20 more trainer aircraft by the end of 2025 through GIFT CITY. We are happy to lease the aircraft to a Flying Training Organisation through GIFT CITY for the first time in the country. With this initiative, we want to ensure that leasing of aircraft to FTO’s becomes achievable in India. Flight training in India can take up to three years to finish while in international schools 8 – 12 months. An absence of flying machines also hinders potential training. Flight schools often finance the purchase of new airplanes for their training fleet. Leasing can improve a flight training operator’s cash flow situation by allowing them to continue modernization with technologically advanced aircraft even in challenging economic times. We are ready to help to lease more aircraft to FTO’s to make this model successful under AtmaNirbhar Bharat.”

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