Aircraft Charters

Aircraft Charters charter is the only way to fully travel on your terms. Whether it’s accessing a remote destination or taking back control of productivity and flight scheduling, the popularity of private jet hire is exploding in both the business and leisure spaces.

ModAir offers tailormade, premium charter services to it’s elite, global clientele flying all over the world.

ModAir's goal is to provide the highest level of Exclusive and Discrete services while offering meaningful savingsfor our customers. We take pride in being able to offer quality personalized services.

What We Offer

Modair offers unparalleled levels of service, complete confidentially and anonymity.

  • Minimize journey times and fly where you want, when you want.
  • Numerous worldwide aircraft options to choose from.
  • Arrive and board just minutes before take-off.
  • Enjoy superb in-flight luxury, your choice of cuisine, stress free travel.


We cater to the diverse needs of our esteemed customers, which include :

Corporate Charter

Whether you’re organizing for a single business meeting or need help with multiple upcoming events, leave the planning to us we offers convenience and ease when setting up a meeting or event for your organization.

The goal of our company is to guarantee you maximum safety and comfort during the flight, to offer high quality services and, simultaneously, a competitive advantage with interesting prices.

Celebrity Charter

MODAIR is ready to become your personal aviation assistant, and we’re very familiar with the requirements of these flights. From DJs, musicians, film stars, and bands on tour to sports persons/team charter flights, media engagements, and special events around the world for celebrities, we offer private jet charter services for event and VIP transportation for both crew & cargo.

Private jets/Helicopters are the perfect way to arrive at award shows, film promotions, fashion shows, sporting events, and personal celebrations including bachelor parties, weddings, honeymoons, and more!

Charter services for Political Leaders

For the political parties it is essential that they should reach out to almost every voter and spread their agenda.

In the limited period assigned by the Election Commission of India the parties have to undertake an effective campaigning.Our helicopter charter ensures that the political parties spend more time in the constituencies with the voters.

Charter services Religious journey

Embarking on a pilgrimage is a spiritual act of reflection, contemplation and meditation, where the journey is as much a part of the process as the destination.

Modair Aircraft Charters save time, avoids crowds, provides greater levels of comfort and safety and puts control of the itinerary into the hands of the travellers.

Specialty Charters

ModAir Specializes on following Activity Charter Services


Airliner Charter for big groups – MICE segment

Specialty Charters for

Wedding Specials

Proposal, Flower Shower

Pre-wedding photoshoot

Pilgrimage Charters

Char Dham Heli Charters

Jammu/Katra - Vaishno Devi Heli Services