Aircraft Leasing & Financing

ModAir is the group representing the aircraft leasing industry in India and is dedicated to the continued development and success of India’s aircraft leasing industry.

Financial lease is a flexible funding source for both enterprise and individuals. Sale and lease back involves in a Leasing Company who purchases an asset owned by Lessee and leases this asset back to the same Lessee under financial lease. In sale and lease back transaction, Lessor is also a supplier.

ModAir helps in Selection of right aircraft to meet ‘mission’ needs by sourcing of used/new aircraft. Using our bandwidth & skills, we can import the aircraft and see noticeable benefits on current operating costs, maintenance cost in addition to improvement in aircraft availability for operations.


As a proven leader in the aviation sector, Modair delivers innovative solutions with the aim to create a better-connected, safer and more prosperous world. At Modair, how we work is just as important as what we deliver. We are guided by a set of 5 values, each chosen by the very people who embody them.

Customer focus

Customer focus is deeply embedded into our mindset, driving us to deliver on time, on cost and on quality. We partner with our customers to satisfy their needs and deliver benefits through valuable and sustainable solutions.


We work with integrity, choosing to speak up when our principles for ethical conduct are not respected. Our zero tolerance on unethical and non-compliant actions enables us to move forward with positivity and care.


Respect guides us in our daily interactions. We respect each other, our customers and our products. We focus on building trust through transparent and honest communications.


We value and encourage creativity. Creativity can often mean simply looking at things in a different way and our collaborative culture allows us to build on ideas and continually improve the work that we do.


We strive to maintain and build on our standards, proving and cementing our reputation for reliability. We each feel responsible for the collective success and progress of our global team and take accountability for our actions and outputs.

Aircraft Leasing & Financing

  • Comfortable and intuitive visual drag and drop builder.
  • Finance & Operations Lease arrangements for-
    • FTO
    • NSOP
    • RCS aviation companies
    • Others
  • Flexibility to induct fleet with the changing market dynamics
  • Assist customers to optimize liquidity by saving on capital investments for Aircraft acquisition
  • Help customers to drive energies on business management & operations
Aircraft Inducted and Leased thus far

Dec ‘22/Jan ‘23 – ModAir has successfully inducted and leased aircraft as below:

Tecnam P2006 T

  • Twin Engine ROTAX 912 S3
  • 4 seater
  • Two blade Propeller
  • Max Cruise speed 145 kts
  • Range 650 Nm

Diamond DA 40

  • Single Engine
  • 4 seater
  • Three blade Propeller
  • Max Cruise speed 154 kts
  • Range 934 Nm

Diamond DA 42

  • Twin Engine
  • 4 seater
  • 2 x Three blade Propeller
  • Max Cruise speed 197 kts
  • Range 1225 Nm